Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Worst Class Trip Ever

Wyatt's 8th grade class in going on a week long field trip to Washington D.C.  Wyatt just wants to have a nice normal vacation where he can hang out with his best friend, Matt, and maybe find an opportunity to talk to his crush, Suzana.

It doesn't take long for Matt, who is known for being a little strange, causes problem.  He is convinced that the guys behind them on the plane are terrorists.  Wyatt doesn't believe him at first, but when explains his evidence, including the fact that the guys are looking at aerial photographs of the White House, Wyatt starts to get a little nervous.  Plus, the guys have this bag that they don't want to stow.  In fact they get in a big fight with the flight attendant about it.

After they get off the plane, Matt confesses he stole something out of the bag.  Now the weird guys are following the boys around, and before they know it, Matt has been kidnapped.  Now Wyatt and a handful of friends have to try to get their friend back and save the White House all without letting their parents or the police know what's happening.

I am of two minds about Dave Barry's new book.  Sometimes it was fun, and it was definitely exciting, but idea of a potential terror plot as humor just struck me as odd.

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