Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Sunshine gets an unwelcome gift for her 16th birthday.  She and her mother are moving from their home in sunny and warm Texas to the Pacific northwest where the sun seems like a myth.  To make matters worse, strange things start happening in her creepy new house almost immediately.

Her mom thinks it's just the house settling, but Sunshine feels that something else is going on.  Starting a new school is never easy, and Sunshine struggles to fit in with her new classmates until she meets Nolan in her art class.  The class itself is a disappointment, but Nolan is cute and interested.  Sunshine is interested too, so why does she feel physically ill when she and Nolan get too close?

The strange happenings at home worsen, and Sunshine soon becomes convinced she is living with a ghost.  Her mother goes from laughing disbelief to harsh and angry criticism.  She is no longer the happy and easy going woman Sunshine has always known.

Nolan is the only one who seems to believe her claims, and the two begin to investigate the strange happenings in her house, but will they be able to discover the truth before it's too late for Sunshine and her mother?

Paige McKenzie's first book is fun and creepy ghost story that will keep you turning the pages.  The book is based on a web series that originally aired on YouTube.

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