Monday, August 1, 2016


The people of the island are hurriedly preparing for Night.  Marin, her twin brother Kana, and their friend Line have never seen Night before.  On the island, Day lasts for 14 years, and then comes the 14 years of Night.  During Day, the villagers live their lives in the sun, but during Night, they leave for the desert lands.

What the children don't understand is the strict rules they must obey as they prepare to leave.  All homes and buildings must be left in pristine condition with no personal belongings left behind.

On the day the traders arrive to take the villagers away, orphaned Line is missing.  Marin has an idea about where he might be, and she and Kana go to collect him.  By the time they return, the ships are gone.

Aside from the prospect of 14 years alone in the frozen dark, strange things start happening.  It is soon clear that they are not alone on the island, and all the rules about how to leave their homes begin to make sense.  At Night, the island is inhabited by monstrous creatures who don't want three kids hanging around.

Now they must try to escape the creatures and find a way off the island before die.  But along the way, they will have to work out some personal issues such as Marin and Line's budding attraction to each other, and Kana's increasingly horrifying secret.

This suspenseful horror thriller by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski will keep you reading!

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