Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Key to Extraordinary

The women in Emma's family have a gift.  They each have a destiny dream that guides them on their path in life.  Each woman records the destiny dream in a journal that Emma now owns.  Her mother died before she could fulfill her destiny dream, and Granny Blue no longer believes in the power of the dreams.  In fact, she ripped her pages out of the journal.

Emma lives with her older brother and the tattooed former boxer Granny Blue in The Boneyard Cafe, their family bakery that just happens to be adjacent to a cemetery.  Every morning people line up outside the cemetery waiting for Emma to show up and give tours with all the juicy details about the former residents of their town.

It is in the cemetery that Emma hears the legend of the Conductor and his buried treasure.  Everyone warns her to ignore the legend.  People have given their lives to searching for it, but Emma can't help but think the treasure could solve all her problems.  The whole community is having financial difficulties, and a big developer wants to buy up everything and bulldoze it.

When she finally has her destiny dream, it makes almost no sense.  Could finding the Conductor's treasure be her destiny?

Natalie Lloyd's new book is stylistically similar to A Snicker of Magic.  It has the same magical realism with just the right touches of the fantastic and Lloyd's delightful vocabulary.  This is a sweet story that will touch your heart and make you believe that everyday is possible.  Highly recommended.

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