Friday, August 12, 2016


Nick and his best friend Coby are obsessed with soccer, but Nick is also an undercover vocabulary genius.  It's not his choice.  His father wrote a dictionary, and he forces Nick to memorize vocabulary words.

The boys are excited when they find out their club soccer teams have been invited to a prestigious soccer tournament in Dallas.  Plus, Nick's crush, April, has actually spoken to him twice.  Life is looking pretty good.

Everything changes when Nick's mom tells him she is leaving to go back to Kentucky to train a race horse.  Nick is devastated.  His mom is the one plays sports sports with him, jokes around, and cooks awesome food.

To make matters worse, he has to miss the big soccer tournament because of appendicitis.

Enter his exuberant former rapper school librarian, Mr. Mac.  Mr. Mac is determined to make Nick a reader, and he just might succeed!

Kwame Alexander's new book is fun ride which will appeal to soccer fans, book lovers, and verse novel aficionados.

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