Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 in Review

2016 has had it's ups and downs, but it was a great year for reading!  I love the year in review graphic that Goodreads generates at the end of the year.  I just wish they had an embed code for it.  Get on that, Goodreads team!  Anyway, click on this snip to link to the entire graphic if you are interested.

Here is the breakdown for the year:

5 stars: 32!  Wow!  Either I was super liberal in granting stars, or there were just a lot of great books this year.

4 stars:  35!  More great books!  I shall congratulate the authors for writing such great books and myself for selecting them to read. ;) 

3 stars:  41

2 stars:  6

1 star:  1

Abandoned:  1

Adventure:  9

Fantasy:  32

Historical Fiction:  12

Horror:  6

Humor:  4

Mystery:  19

Realistic Fiction:  18

Romance:  16

Sports:  2 (no big surprise there)

Here are my top 10 middle school fiction picks for the year in no particular order.  (These are books that I read in 2016, so some of them were published in 2015.) Click on the image to link to my original review.
(grades 8 and up)
(grades 7 and up)
(grades 6-8)
(grades 7 and up)
(grades 8 and up)
(grades 7 and up)
(grades 7 and up)
(grades 7 and up)
(grades 6-8)
(grades 6-8)

Now, here are my top nonfiction books for 2016!  

I hope your year of reading was as much fun as mine and that you have a great reading year in 2017, too!

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