Saturday, July 30, 2016


Katherine may the daughter of a wealthy family with social ambitions, but all she wants to do is open a bakery.  She and her ladies' maid have been planning this for years.  Aside from her social position, there's one other big thing in the way of Kath's plans.  The King of Hearts wants to marry her.  He is kind and attentive, but he's also short, absentminded, and older than her parents.

Katherine hopes that if she can put off the king's proposal for long enough, she can get enough money on her own to open the bakery.  All her plans go on hold when she meets Jest, the mysterious new court jester.  He pulls the most magical tricks and he has a kind voice and nice eyes.  Jest awakens something in Kath.  For the first time she is interested in something other than baking.  Against her own judgement, she begins sneaking out spend time with Jest.

Katherine is beginning to imagine a new life for herself.  Could she be a regular girl who runs a bakery with her best friend during the day and comes home to the man she loves at night?

Meanwhile, the Jabberwok is back in Wonderland.  Property is destroyed, people are killed, and this threat hangs over all the people in Hearts.  But the monster isn't the only threat Katherine should be worried about, and the greater danger is one she doesn't even see coming.

I got the ARC of Marissa Meyer's new book at TLA--signed by the author!  Woohoo!  I loved the Lunar Chronicles, and I was excited to see Meyer's take on Wonderland.  Also, look at that beautiful cover art!  I have to admit I was hoping Meyer would go a little more realistic in her take on Wonderland.  It's never been my favorite because it makes no sense.  Despite this, I really ended up loving this book.  Highly recommended!

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