Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Black Dragon

Twelve-year-old Danny is still struggling with the recent death of both his parents.  His father was the owner of the Mysterium, a modern day circus filled with illusion and the fantastic.  His mother was an acrobat, and the Mysterium was Danny's home.

When an explosion at his boarding school cuts the semester short, Aunt Laura shows up to take Danny to Hong Kong.  She says it's a story she's working on, but Danny thinks she's hiding something.  It doesn't really matter because he's always wanted to visit his mother's hometown.  He will also get to spend the trip with Major Zamora, a dwarf strongman, a daredevil, and one of Danny's closest friends from the Mysterium.

When Aunt Laura is kidnapped by triads, Danny and Zamora aren't sure who to trust.  Detective Lo of the police seems shifty, and a guy in a white suit has been following them since their plane landed.  Can they trust Sing Sing?  She's connected to the gangs somehow, but Danny is also drawn to her.

As Danny and Zamora race against gangsters and crooked cops to uncover clues and save Aunt Laura, Danny is also hoping to find answers about his parents' deaths.

Julian Sedgwick's series opener is a fast-paced adventure through Hong-Kong's underbelly.  It's got enough danger and mystery to keep kids interested without veering too YA.  There is also plenty here for the kids who like magic tricks and escape artists.  Give this to fans of spy novels, Indiana Jones, or even Houdini.

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