Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Cameron Boxer has spent years developing his lifestyle.  He's a gamer and a slacker.  He puts no effort into anything other than gaming.  That all changes one day when his house almost burns down around him while he is gaming in the basement.  His parents issue an ultimatum:  Join something or else.

Thus is born, the P.A.G, Positive Action Group.  With the help of his friend Pavel, Cameron sets up a fake page for the group on the school's website.  It's perfect.  He'll get credit for founding and presiding over a club that doesn't actually exist.

There's just one problem, the worst busy-body in school see's the website and gets the guidance counselor involved.  Now Cameron's perfect scam is taking over the whole school.  This is a serious threat to his lifestyle!

Fans of humor and Gordon Korman will enjoy his newest book, and the cover art is great.  It's already drawing my kids in.  I think the kids will really like this one, but I had a hard time getting through it.  I think Cameron's gamer lifestyle was just too much for me, but I am not the intended audience, and there are plenty of middle schoolers who will buy into Cameron's philosophy.

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