Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Wild Robot

When a hurricane destroys a ship full of robots, one machine washes up on a remote island, and a group of curious otters accidentally press the power button and turn her on.  Now Roz is awake in a world she was not designed for.

At first Roz struggles to make sense of her new environment, and even moving around is difficult, but she decides to study the animal inhabitants of the island and mimic their behavior.  This makes her existence more comfortable, but she is still alone.

All the animals think Roz is a monster.  They have never seen anything like a robot before, and they stay away out of fear.  But when Roz adopts an orphaned gosling, they begin to see her in a new light.  The animals cautiously begin to offer advice and assistance until Roz is a valuable member of the community. And when danger comes for Roz, they are even willing to defend her.

Peter Brown's book is beautiful parable about acceptance and community.  Also, I listened to the audio of this book, and it is a wonderful production.  Highly recommended!

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