Sunday, July 31, 2016


Solu is a new weight loss drug that will revolutionize the market, and Laurel and Viv are about to get the first trial.  Viv's wealthy parents have purchased their daughter and her best friend a room on the expensive and exclusive Solu Cruise to Lose.  The other passengers and the rich and the reality stars of the moment.  Viv's only there to support her friend, and she's doubtful that Solu will even work.  Unfortunately, she has terrible sea sickness, and she misses out on the first few doses of the sweetener/weight loss drug.  Besides, she's a little wary of Solu.

Tom is a former child star who's trying to turn his career around.  He's famous for playing an overweight bratty kid on a sitcom.  Now, he's taken stock of his life cut out the excess to lose weight, live healthier, and get rid of negative influences.  He's the official host of the cruise, and his job is to make sure the world sees shiny, happy people losing weight.  He refuses to eat anything with Solu because of his clean eating policy.

It's a good thing these two miss out on their Solu doses because what starts out as a miracle weight loss drug quickly turns to horror as the other passengers are driven by an intense addiction that leads to murder.  As two of the few people aboard who are not addicted, Tom and Laurel quickly form a relationship, but are they doomed on their ship of horrors.

Emmy Laybourne's new novel is a quick and engaging read, but it is pretty horrifying and reads like farce.  It pokes fun at modern "celebrity" and quick fix diets but relies heavily on stereotypes.  If you have a weak stomach, you should probably skip this one.  Grades 8 and up.

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