Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Hazel is the youngest member of the Faeregine Dynasty which has ruled Impyrium for over 3,000.  As the third triplet and an albino, she has always been a bit of a specter to the rest of the court.  She has no desire to rule and would rather continue studying magic with her guardian and teacher who hales from a race of humanoid wolves.  She may not want to rule, but her destiny is intricately woven with the fate of the nation.

Hob grew up poor in the frozen countryside, but he is quickly recruited by a covert group that wants to undermine the Faeregines and give more political power to the people.  They tell him his father was a member of the group and that his death was in service to the cause.

His assignment is to go undercover as a servant in the palace and spy on the strange young Hazel, but nothing goes as planned.  Hob expects to feel nothing but contempt for the pampered princess, but instead, he finds himself sympathetic to her.  And Hazel, who has never had many friends her own age, quickly befriends her servant.

But there are plots and machinations going on behind the scenes that neither of them knows about yet, and they will play a larger role in the drama than they could ever imagine.

Henry Neff has written an engrossing fantasy for those who like to well-plotted and complex stories.  Readers will love immersing themselves in Impyrium.  Kids will already be primed for this companion series to the Tapestry series.  Highly recommended!

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