Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Haunt Me

Following a particularly bad year, Erin's family moves to a new town by the ocean for a fresh start.  It doesn't take long before Erin realizes she isn't the only occupant of her new bedroom.  Joe, the boy who lived there before he died is still there.  Rather than being scared, Erin feels a strong affinity for Joe.  They both struggle with social anxiety and making friends, and they both use poetry to deal with their feelings.

The more time they spent together, the more real Joe is to Erin.  It isn't long before they can touch as well as talk, and soon they are falling in love.

Things get even more complicated when Erin meets Joe's older brother at school.  She can't tell him the truth about Joe which is problem enough, but she enjoys spending time with him more and more.

As things build to a head at school and romantically, Erin walks a thin line between life and death.

This British import from Liz Kessler is an emo romance/after school special.  I really struggled to make it through this one--not for me.

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