Monday, June 5, 2017


Emika Chen makes her meager living as a bounty hunter for the police catching small time criminals they don't have time to chase anymore, but she's at the end of her rope.  She's about to be evicted, and she only has $13 in the bank.

To take her mind off things, she puts on her glasses and logs into the virtual world of Warcross.  Ten years ago a kid named Hideo Tanaka changed the world by figuring out a way to trick your brain into creating the images that make virtual reality work instead of trying to create every detail through code.  The result is a virtual work that looks and feels like real life.  And the simple game created to teach users how to navigate that reality has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Warcross is simple--two teams each with an artifact.  The goal is to steal the other team's artifact.  What makes it fun is the obstacles and powerups along the way.

When Emika logs into the opening ceremonies, she makes a split-second decision designed to save her from eviction that only someone with her hacking abilities could accomplish.  The only problem is, she gets caught.  Instead of being arrested, she's invited to Tokyo by Hideo Tanaka himself to participate in the championships.

But she's not just there to compete.  She has a unique combination of hacking and hunting skills that make her perfect to find out the identity of a hacker called Zero who is trying to infiltrate Warcross and sabotage the system.  It's a dangerous game that will force her to lie to her new friends and make frequent visits to the Dark World, a virtual haven for criminals.

As Emika focuses in on her target, she finds herself unexpected falling for Hideo, and it seems like he may feel the same way.  Will this budding relationship cloud her judgment, or will she stop Zero in time?

Marie Lu's new series opening is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure readers will love!  Emika and Hideo are flawed, likable, and anchored individually to painful pasts. I did not want to put this one down! Lu's fans will eat this up.  Plus, isn't that cover gorgeous!? Recommeded for grades 8 and up for sexual references and a small amount of profanity.

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