Monday, June 5, 2017


This book was so much fun!  It's billed as a collection of short stories, but I think they are best read in order because of the connecting threads between them.

Don't forget everything you know about fairy tales...just push it to the side somewhere so you can laugh along and Kiersten White twists these classic tales into something new.

First of all, there's only one step-mother, and you should probably check your sources before you start calling her wicked.  Little Red Riding Hood, and the wolf, too, for that matter, gets way more than she bargained for when she strayed from the path.  Cinderella is named for cinders all right. And "The Princess and the...Pea?" gives a whole new meaning to poor accommodations.

Combine all this with White's sometimes snarky, sometimes horrified narrator, and you have a winning recipe for fairy tale fans and middle-grade readers.  It's the perfect mix of humor, horror, and just straight up gross to keep kids turning the pages!

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