Monday, December 26, 2016

Zero Day

When Addie Webster was kidnapped eight years ago, her father was a governor.  Now he's the president, and Addie is back.  When your father is president, and you've been missing for eight years, you can't just go home immediately.  There is questioning, and detaining, and DNA testing, but she finally gets to go home.

While Addie is returning to her family, domestic terrorists strike at a Republican fundraiser.  These events don't seem at all connected, just two major news stories.

Addie's childhood best friend is still around, too, and Darrow is both happy to see Addie and guilty that he was close by when she was kidnapped.

One of the investigators doesn't believe Addie's story, and he won't stop digging.  He even blackmails Darrow into spying for him.

It's clear that Addie is lying about where she's been.  Could she be willingly involved with a terrorist group?  Is there more going on than even she knows?

Jan Gangsei's first novel is a fast-paced political thriller with the welcome addition of two biracial principle characters.  Recommended for grades 8 and up.

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