Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Girl I Used to Be

When Olivia was three years old, her father murdered her mother, dropped her off at a Wal-Mart, and disappeared.  Now she's seventeen and accustomed to being independent.  She left that little girl named Ariel Benson behind a long time ago, so it comes as a shock when two police detectives show up at her apartment.

There has been a new discovery after fourteen years.  Her father's jawbone was discovered in the same forest where her mother was murdered.  The investigation has been reopened.  Maybe her father isn't the killer she thought he was.

Now she's back in her hometown where no one knows who Olivia is, and the past and the present are colliding and dredging up old memories.  As she investigates the past and all the little grudges and jealousies she was too young to remember, she comes ever closer to the truth and her parents' killer.

This is another solid mystery from April Henry.  It's not my favorite of her books; it takes too long to really get going for such a short book, but it is a solid escapist suspense story.

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