Friday, November 18, 2016

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

When Denmark gave in to the German occupation with very little resistance in 1940, Knud Pedersen was furious.  Why didn't the Danish government fight back like Norway?  Knud, along with his brother and some of his friends quickly formed the RAF Club to sabotage the German army.

When the family moved to Aalborg, the brothers formed a new club with more members.  They called themselves the Churchill Club for the British Prime Minister.  The boys set continued their acts of sabotage and eventually moved on to stealing weapons.

This is an intense and thrilling adventure, but I have to admit it was difficult to read as an adult.  The boys acted with the reckless abandon of youth and stepped into extremely dangerous situations with little thought of getting caught.  It was thrilling and nerve-wracking!

I recommend Phillip Hoose's book to World War II aficionados and action adventure fans.

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