Friday, November 18, 2016

23 Minutes

The bank robbery is a disaster.  The robber shoots the nicest guy in the bank right in front of Zoe.  His blood is everywhere.  She has the chance to change things, but should she do it?  Can she make things right?  Zoe crosses her arms and says, "Replay."

Zoe has a gift.  She can relive the last 23 minutes of her life up to ten times to try to get things right.  It usually doesn't help, but she can't just watch a man die and do nothing.

Each time she plays back her life, she learns more about what will and won't work and clues to the identity of the robber.  The problem is she's the only one who remembers.

She also learns that maybe seeing one man die in front of her isn't the worst possible outcome of the situation.

She only has ten chances to get right.

Vivian Vande Velde's new book is full of suspense, and the thoughtful reader will be trying to puzzle out a solution right along with Zoe.  This is a quick read perfect for mystery and sci-fi readers as well as reluctant readers.  Recommended for grades 7 and up for a few instances of mild profanity.

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